Internet Marketing and Advertising

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Any good marketing plan starts with a solid strategy, and this is precisely what I offer to my clients. My initial FREE consultation and web site review allows me to assess potential clients' needs while insuring that no expenses are incurred unnecessarily. Furthermore my review is designed to help better define potential clients' goals and provides ideas on a marketing strategy and services that are uniquely designed for these clients. And all this comes with no obligations.

For example, tapping into the mighty power of Google search has become a "must" for any marketer that wants their products or services seen on the Net. As a result, pricing on Google Adwords has increased tremendously and finding the right balance between keywords bids and revenues is a very tricky and demanding task. To address these issues, I have developed a strategy to maximize conversions and ROI for my clients while reducing the cost of keywords bidding. My experience working with high volumes of traffic using complex analytics as well as solutions such as Atlas that helps micro-manage top keywords, makes me an SEM expert.

In the same token, other alternative exists that give advertisers better control in managing their budget. For example, Affiliate Marketing or most cost per action (CPA) campaigns offer one of the best ways to acquire customers and to sell a product or services on the Internet. Indeed, when it comes to cost control, nothing compares to affiliate marketing or CPA Networks as one of the most cost effective ways to acquire customers and market a product or services, (on par with e-mail). After all, most businesses would be too happy to pay a pre-determined finder's fee to someone who brings a paying customer to our door. Additionally, when this customer returns, it often returns directly to your site (and no commission needs to be paid). As a result, Affiliate Marketing is not something to consider but, rather, a must-have for any online business.

However, regardless of the type of campaign(s) my clients may want to run, the first few steps I guide them through is how to determine the best approach for their product or services. For example, will search engine marketing works well or is a targeted e-mail campaign more appropriate for them? Or again, would the right combination of SEM and affiliate marketing be best? My goal is to help my clients define what works best for them using the extensive expertise that I have and my successes in online marketing. Contact Me

Web site Design, Content Development and Optimization

While many web sites developers do a fantastic job creating magnificent sites with Flash intros and music, few really understand the need to design a website that will be indexed and ranked high on search engines. I work with a web design team that provides my clients with exciting websites while adhering to strict rules that allow the clients' websites to be indexed properly.

This is where search engine optimization (SEO) becomes "a must" for any website owner who wants to create traffic through "natural searches". After all, imagine building a great store with an amazing entrance but no sign or any indication telling shoppers what it is about. Search engines' crawlers need to know what your store/web site is all about, and must know it with a great deal of precision in order to insure that it will be indexed correctly.

SEO is a very complex, time consuming and an ever changing process that requires patience and great skills. With Google algorithms changing constantly and links playing a defining roles, companies must stay on top of what makes search engines index web site high or low. With a great many years of experience in this field, I have the skill and the technology to insure that my clients get the best possible positioning and proper categorization on any search engine. To do that I created tools like SMaRT SEO and Web SAT to enable better analysis and placement of websites.

And to insure continuity of services for my clients, I also provide web site content that is compelling and optimized as well as articles for newsletters, eZines and social networks to insure that you get the most of your marketing campaign.


Data Analysis, Quantitative Modeling and Forecasting

I work with a top expert in analysis who is equipped with a PhD in spatial relationship. Together we help our clients access an arsenal of advanced statistical methods and quantitative models that can dissect POS, click stream, cost and other business data.

With our approach clients are able to "mine" their data to uncover hidden patterns, confirm if expensive campaigns including media buys and creatives really impact their bottom line and which tactics work best for them. Clients are able to build accurate forecast into the future supported by the best science and technology available including:

  • Access an arsenal of advanced statistical methods and quantitative models applied to POS, click stream, cost, H.R., and other business data in practical business situations
  • Mine your data to uncover hidden patterns that give you a bird’s-eye view of your market and a revealing look at your competitors!
  • Confirm if expensive creatives and media buys really impact the bottom line, and which tactics work best for you!
  • Build accurate forecasts into the future supported by the best science and technology

We also use custom applications that are designed to meet clients' needs going forward for accurate, reliable, and timely information, including answers to:

  • Who are my customers?
  • What are their segments’ characteristics?
  • What is their predominant demographic?
  • When and how frequently do they visit?
  • What are my returns on investment when using SEM, affiliate marketing, and so on?
  • How do my current marketing strategies work?
  • Is there "out of the box" ideas I might use?

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e-mail Marketing, Social Networking and Press Release distribution

e-mail marketing remains the most effective way to reach customers and promote a product or services on the Internet today. While many complain about e-mail marketing and Spam in particular, the reality is that nothing compares to an e-mail with a captivating subject line, smart copy and great offer. As long as this e-mail is delivered to people who have opted to receive information or promotion from you or your e-mail broker this remains the most effective way to reach customers and generate traffic and revenues.

Thanks to my connections with great copy-writers and designers who specialize in e-mail marketing, I can create an attractive design and compelling message to insure a large open rate and click though.

Additionally, my own lists and the lists that I can use via lists managers and e-mail affiliates reach over 50,000,000 highly targeted customers in both the B2C and B2B arena.

But let's not forget social media and the growing influence of companies like LinkedIn, Face-book, Twitter, Blogger, Wordpress and others that are becoming household names for connecting people. These new ways of communication make forums and blogs a potential gold mine for marketers who know how to navigate these portals to promote their company and product.

I work with a staff of young people who spend time exploring these services and identifying areas where opportunities exist for our clients. We've conducted tests and campaigns on behalf of clients in many of these forums and have accumulated a great knowledge of what works and when.

Finally, no one should launch a venture without press releases to announce their grand opening, news, changes or innovation related to the company. Press releases are simply the best (and least expensive) tool to get advertising for your website and business.

Thanks to our solid relationship with PR writers and the press, we provide extremely effective releases and insure their distribution via our highly targeted Media list. This list is updated continually and contains over 35,000 contacts at newspaper, magazines and TV shows, all on the lookout for new and fresh stories.

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