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Why do I Make this Information Available for Free

Simply put, so as to help others not fall for one of these scams run by so-called Internet Gurus...

I'm sure you've come across this type of claim on the Net... "Do you want to make money (read millions...) on the Internet but don't have enough experience or capital to start your online business?" and the best part "...I’ve made 100,000 last month while I was on vacation in the Bahamas and I’ve decided to share my knowledge with you today.  While I could ask for hundreds of Dollars for what I am about to tell you...."

How many times have you read this stuff telling you that no matter your level of experience, budget and whatever, you can become successful on the Net (Like me... the ad says with the guy and a Ferrari or Porsche with babe and mansion in the background)... "if only you were to buy my secret..." or again this so-called "Guru" e-book.

Nothing is farther from the truth and with very little research and effort, I have no doubt you will find forums after forums full of people asking "why didn't it work for me?" As a matter of fact 99% of the people who launch a website to become an affiliate and "strike gold" fail.

And the reasons for these people failures are simple, and can be summed up in three sentences:

1) They were not prepared and not willing to really educate themselves on what to do to make it work.

2) They were not prepared, and did not know how to build a website or at the very minimum understanding the dynamic of a websites and what is needed.

3) They are willing to believe in fairy tales and pay $50-200.00 for e-Books that are nothing more than compellations of bits and pieces of commonly available information on the web. Worst yet, these same people are willing to fork several hundreds dollars for Live presentation with slide show and all given by so called Gurus.

Based on the above, I decided to make available as much information on succeeding on the Net as I could possibly give to people and give it for FREE.

Why give it free?

The answer is three folds:

1. First, to the great chagrin of many, promoting a web site on the Net is no secret, and there is no "silver bullet" that will allow you to instantly get a high ranking on Google, Yahoo, and the other major search engines.

2. Second, I am sick (as well as tired) of these pseudo gurus who have collected a bunch of free stuff on the net sell it to people who do know better but to trust them. And often, these people are the ones who have the least to spend, and could use their hard earned money in much better ways.

3. These same pseudo gurus are giving a very bad name to an industry that otherwise is very legitimate and give everyone who know what to do a fair chance to make some money.

Finally, this e-book is literally a work in progress as I have harvested a huge amount of information (and yes from these Gurus as well - they did the work so may as well take advantage of it for a change) as I am attempting to produce a self updating free e-Books for everyone to access for free and for anyone who can contribute to provided some information that will be used to update or enhance this e-Book.

For now this information is available as html documents, and anyone is welcomed to use it as they see fit except for selling it.


Happy Reading ....


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