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These resources were compiled from various sources available on the Internet and, in some instances, items that I created to help people better understand and approach various topics. For example you can read and learn about the basis of affiliate marketing at length below. Anyone is free to use these Resources.

Resources 1 Affiliate Marketing - 6 Parts (click below to access)

Affiliate Marketing

Resources 2 Blogging (click below to access)


Resources 3 Opt-In e-Mail Lists (click below to access)

Opt-in email

Resources 4 PPC Advertising - Adwords (click below to access)

PPC advertising

Resources 5 RSS (click below to access)


Resources 6 SEO (click below to access)


Resources 7 Site Maps (click below to access)

Site Maps


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Day Job Killer


Google Money


Get Inbound Linkss


Links Exchange


Project Black Hat


Successful SEO


ltimate Income


Traffic Manuscript


Wealthy Broker


Other Resources and Research

Site updated on Oct.15, 2011  •  Updates (5)  • 

- CBEngine - Find Click Bank products that sell using CBengine, a Click Bank Marketplace product finder and analysis tool that will help you find and promote the best Click Bank offers. click here to get it

- Siphon Google - This software solution offers a very innexpensive way to acquire huge amounts of traffic through Google - Click here to get it

- Google Cash Monster - This software is a complete approach to creating money making accounts and acquiring traffic from Google - Click here to get it

- Comission Domination - Build a solid affiliate program follfowing simple and easy to do instruction and make money as an affiliate - Click here to get it

- Traffic Empire - Easy to follow instructions on how to generate tons of traffic for your website. Click here to get it

- Easy Video - Create videos using an easy to use iterface and simple instructions with this solution - Click here to see how it works

More to come