Business Strategy

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No business can compete in today's market without a thorough understanding of its space, its competition, Its customers' need as well as their dreams or desires. And while many think they master these elements, other factors such as market forces that are outside any verticals may change the face of an industry in a moment (case in point - the collapse of the mortgage industry in 2007). So how can you avoid the pitfall of business ?

If you were to pick up several business books that explain how to make a company successful, all will contain something about some of the key characteristics that any company must have in order to succeed. These include the need for a company to clearly identify its "Message and/or Identity". You will also see words like "Value Proposition" as well as "Mission" and "Drive" of its leadership and employees . And while these criteria for success may seem to only apply to well established entities, the reality is that values such as "Identity", "Value", "Mission" and"Drive" are essential components to any company success from the get-go.

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Planning and Marketing Strategy

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Empowerment and Operations

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