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My name is Jean Maurice Touboul. I am an e-commerce entrepreneur with an extensive internet marketing and technology expertise who can maximize traffic to a shopping or e-commerce website, insure the best possible customer experience and maximize yield.

However, I do not prescribe to the marketing flavor of the moment and claim to solve everything with one marketing solution like social media, e-mail, search or any other solution. Rather my philosophy is to find the right blend of technology, marketing and analytics to address each client's specific needs. After all, the web is not made up of only techies, social networkers or people who search. Instead, it is a blend of people who want get to what they want in the shortest possible time. More often than not, there are too many opinions, too many contradiction and too many optionions and this makes marketing on the web confusing.

My goal is simply to to use analytic tools to understand my clients’ business model, capture the trends in their space, what works and what doesn't in their vertical, what customers excpect and what they are offered. Working with the client's team I can then determine the best possible strategy to grow traffic, insure that each user becomes a lifetime customer (and if possible fan), and deliver a great experience to win a sale but as importantly to enhance the client's brand.

I do this thanks to an in-depth understanding of all the facet of the e-commerce experience, as well as an understanding of my clients' business model and their customers.

If you want to know more about what I can offer, send me an email or call me and I will provide you with a free one-on-one consultation of where you are and where you'd like to be and give you a realistic review. It's a simple consultation that will tell you how well you are doing so take advanatge of this offer and call me at 415-670-9397 or click here to e-mail me.

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Strategy and Business: Providing several decades of expertise in business strategy, media relations, marketing and advertising, business deveopment, global expansion, outsourcing and insuring that a project business focus is never lost behind the technical compexity of the platform.

Technology and Project Management: PHP, JAVA, .NET. REVIVE/OPENX, MySQL expertise managing top US and overseas development teams, translating complex business goals into tech requirements and delivering top performing products.

Internet Marketing and Media Expertise: Expertise as an Affiliate Marketer moneytizing websites as a publisher for top brands. Accute knowledge of how to mix affiliate marketing, e-mail marketing, social and blog marketing as well as content, SEO, PR, analytics to maximize revenues.

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Recent Projects

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- EnContext Advertising Ad Server - Developped and put into production an XML, Redirect, Video capable Ad Server using the Revive Ad Serving solution

- EnContext Liquid Websites "Footprint" - Published Newsletter, blogs, adding to social media and more to increase EnContext footprint on the Internet

- EnContext Liquid Websites - Developped and published a dozen web properties sharing a centralized management tool and featuring original content (link to sites)

- GeoInfoWeb (geoinfoweb.com) - Developped a website that uses large database of data points on over 5000 oil wells in Nigeria (Google Map, complex data structure, vast storage capacity

- Warwick-Niutech - VP of Publishers Services including the development of new features to enable 5M publisher to better manage their account with the company

- Other project and stints included working with Commission Juntion (CJ) as head of International, The Walt Disney Company overseeing film, Video and TV distribution across the world, LookSmart as VP of Publishers Services and Mediacom.

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